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Mindy Miller Photography

     Griffin Wulf is a multidimensional

movement artist. A shape shifting

creature of playful ingenuity, she

consistently brings to the stage an

honesty and incandescence that is

compelling to audiences of all ages.

Her specialties are aerial fabric,

trapeze, clowning, and stilt walking.

With artistic dexterity she invites her

viewers to intimately explore her realm

of visual poetry and expression.

     Amongst a myriad of independent

aerial and dance studies, Griffin's formal training comes from the New England Center for Circus Arts where she graduated from the Intensive Professional Track Program. Additionally, she is a graduate of San Francisco Circus Center’s Clown Conservatory, which fostered the creative versatility she is known for.

     From street corners to live theater, music festivals and medieval fairs, Griffin ambitiously explores all aspects of performance. You might find her dancing soft-shoe in the dust before a field of cows or living as a traveling clown on horseback.

     When she is not telling stories on stage, Griffin also shares her passion, knowledge and experience with students of all ages. 




Download PDF of Resume here 

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