I am currently offering individual and small group lessons!

With 4+ years teaching experience in aerial arts, flexibility, and acrobatics, I love sharing my knowledge and passion for movement, creativity and play. In offering one-on-one, as well as partner and small group training, I get the opportunity to delve into the individual needs of each one of my students. 

I offer lessons in aerial silks, trapeze, sling, and aerial yoga. I also offer instruction in flexibility, acrobatics, hand balancing, choreography and act creation, comedy and clowning, and puppetry.

Lesson Rates:

Individual: $55/hr.

                  $85/1.5 hr

For Partner/small group training, add $10 for every extra person

I offer package deals for weekly training! For an individual, a 4 class pack is $200 ($50/lesson) and expires 4 weeks from purchase date.


Email me for more details on private instruction, or to book your lesson!



Here is what others have to say....

I have had the pleasure of learning aerial arts from Griffin for the past four years. I appreciate her patience, and her ability to teach the complexity of aerial arts in a simple and understandable way. I have seen her consistently expand her knowledge and expertise and she has been wonderfully supportive with any type of physical limitations, injuries, or weaknesses that I’ve experienced throughout my training and has taught me therapeutic practices to support my body and get consistently closer to my goals.

I’ve learned a great deal from Griffin and cannot recommend her and her classes enough. 

My young boys have recently begun taking her aerial class and they love it and her and cannot wait for their class each week. We have all seen our confidence improve and have become stronger and more flexible. Griffin is a real gem in our community and I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity to learn from her.


G. Lyonns, Gainesville, FL


My daughters & I have been happily training with Griffin Wulf for the past 2 years or so. Over time, the array of master level understanding and execution of a range of skills (silks, lyra, ropes, juggling, handstands, stilts, partner acro, puppetteering, sculpting, makeup, & singing, to name what comes to mind at the moment) as well as her patience & compassion with people with regard to the learning process were what have struck me even more than my first impressions of Griffin's grace, poise, & beauty. We are so lucky to get to learn skills from her, as she is a truly great teacher. Don't let her schedule book up and miss this special chance to get to train with and learn from the best! 


Nicole S. 

I studied silks with Griffin and it was a blast. She's an excellent instructor! Her carefully articulated demonstrations helped demystify complicated movements.


Michael Kummer

Pierluissi Photography


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